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31 August 2009


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Mitzi g Burger

I had my first real hot pot in Chengdu, Sichuan. It was mid-January and barely 2 degrees celcius. At that point I was prepared to roll in whale blubber to keep warm, but there were good hot pot options around to warm us from the inside. Like yours, our broth was volcanic. A gentler equivalent of cook-your-own could be the Steam Boat at some Vietnamese resturants.


This sounds awesome! I'm gonna go!

The other week Megan and I had an extreme chilli moment at the Sultan's Table in Enmore. They served my meal with a charred green chilli on top, which I shared with Moo. Then our heads exploded, and hilarity ensued.

Oh ho ho!


Yas (aboutthefood)

Steam boat sounds great, but I am keen on giving hot pot another go, armed with a little more knowledge. And yes, I really wished that the temperature was 2 degrees celcius when we left - I was literally steaming!

It is awesome...if just for the battle scars. Tell me about it when you go!


I can't believe you drank the spicy broth!!! Just looking at it makes my tongue tingle :P I think traditionally it is eaten with the family huddled around the table trying to beat frostbite. There's this also other variation we had in Beijing where they cook this thick yummy sauce in a pan over a fire in the table, and you choose different meats/vegies that you cook in the sauce. We ordered the "Mild" version and i spend the entire meal blowing my nose and tears dripping down my face. But so good!

Yas (aboutthefood)

Yes, I can't believe it either! Scary stuff. Would have been good to have you there to show us the ropes!

We actually tried it again last week, and used our wisdom to NOT drink the broth. A much more pleasant experience.


The phone number seems to be missing a digit! Can we have the full phone number?

Yas (aboutthefood)

Michael - Woops! Fixed now, many apologies. Plus, check out my postscript for the tip to get the most out of your hot pot.

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